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Sutures Polyester Braided - VET EQUIPMENT
Sutures Polyester Braided--Keebomed
Sutures Polyester Braided--Keebomed
Sutures Polyester Braided--Keebomed
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Sutures Polyester Braided

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Stable Quality Sutures Polyester Braided!

Surgical sutures Polyester Braided is a synthetic non-absorbable multifilament braided suture. Due to its non-absorbable synthetic origin, it has a minimum tissue reactivity and it is in time encapsulated by connective tissue. It is used in tissue coaptation because of its characteristic tensile strength. Its confirms to specifications of the United States Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P)


  • Box of 12 sutures, sterile, not opened, Non Absorbable; 75cm
  • Top quality suture. The sutures have excellent reputation and are receiving very good customer satisfaction.
  • CE approved.
  • Needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting shape.
  • Dyed non-absorbable; Coated braided synthetic suture; Made of polyethylene terephthalate (polyester)
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Structure: Braided
  • Origin: Synthetic
  • Type of Absorption: Non-Absorbable
  • Sterilization: Gamma - Radiation
  • Polyester braided
  • "For Veterinary Use Only" in the USA

Size Available 

  • Size 2/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 30mm
  • Size 3/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 25mm
  • Size 4/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 20mm
  • Size 5/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 20mm