IBIS 200 Anesthesia Machine Vaporizer

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Quality IBIS 200 Vaporizer!

Supports multiple types of anesthesia machines, offering different types of interfaces.  Gives relatively stable and quick response while working. Provides stable output concentration with automatic temperature compensation in case of any changes in exterior conditions, such as flow, pressure, or temperature. Meets State FDA and ISO08835-4 International standards!

Concentration Fange

  • Enflurane  0.2~5%
  • Isoflurane 0.2~5%
  • Haloflurane 0.2~5%
  • Sevoflurane 0.2~8%

Range Of Flow

  • /min ~15L/min
  • /min ~10L/min (normal usage) For concentrations > 5vol.%

Mounting Type

  • Selectatec compatible
  • Draeger plug in
  • Cagemount ( ISO 23mm tapers)
  • Fix mount
  • Cagemount with interlock

Filler Type

  • Pour-fill
  • Easy-fill
We offer quality izoflurane vaporizer.

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