Anesthesia AC100 CO2 Circle Absorber

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Veterinary Anesthesia Machine AC100 Attachment! 

Excellent quality AC100 CO2 circle absorber is specially designed for use with animal vet anesthesia machines. It is a universal CO2 circle absorber that fits many different anesthesia machines. Good quality. Easy to install! Great choice for veterinarians.
This AC100 CO2 Circle Absorber is used for closed, half closed and half open operation. AC100 CO2 Circle Absorber has Inspiration port and expiration port, APL valve(0-60cmH2O), automatic and Manual change switch, soda lime chamber(2L), airway pressure gauge(-10cmH2O—80cmH2O). Has a hanger hole enabling it to be hung on the side of anesthesia machine.

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Specifications of Anesthesia CO2 Circle Absorber

  • Modes: closed, half closed, half open
  • Switch for automatic and manual change
  • Inspiration and expiration port
  • Two liter soda lime chamber
  • Airway pressure gauge(-10cmH2O—80cmH2O)
  • C.G.O. input port, it is 22mm diameter
  • Unit type: piece
  • Package Weight: 10kg
  • Package Size: 30cm x 20cm x480cm (LxWxH)
  • Hanger hole to be hanged on the side of anesthesia machine

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